Right now in 2023 “Here“ is my favourite holiday. It’s my favourite holiday because ‘here’ is home.

At one stage and with our children we did a lot of travelling. We went to Bali in 1975, spent six weeks campervaning around both islands of New Zealand at the end of 1978.

Between times and afterwards we had beautiful holidays in Tasmania, and a six weeks trip to Malaysia along with visits around Australia.

We liked travelling at the time. It was good to get away from our places of work. We always took our children with us and with them were the first Europeans to visit Sanpalan on Nusa Penida in 1976.

We always travelled on our own and very, very rarely were involved with organised tours.

As our children grew up, they tended to do their own holiday things.

Our last big trip overseas was to spend six weeks in the United Kingdom in 1996. We drove around the UK, from Cornwall to John-O- Groats in Scotland across the top down to the Isle of Skye, into Wales and so on.

I managed to do the three things in England that were on a bucket list.

The first was to slide down a banister in Harris’s London store. The second was to view a sunset to the north eastern most point from John-O-Groats in Scotland in July.

The third was to climb the security fence at Land’s End in Cornwall and climb out into the unknown as far as I could without falling off a cliff and plunging into the water.

I did all those things and have many wonderful memories of all our travels – as I said taken with our children during their formative years so they got a wonderfully wide ranging education.

Now I am old and have no more desire to go rushing through crowded airports or sat in planes where my legs are jammed up, to destinations that are so full of people that you don’t see anything.

So as I said at the beginning, my favourite holiday these days (and I have forgotten little about our past holiday destinations) Is here at home.


.What is your favorite holiday? Why is it your favorite?

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