List the people you admire and look to for advice…


A 77-year-old man meets quite a few people who offer support. The standout person for me was our first Director of Education in the Northern Territory, Dr Jim Eedle.

In 1989, Dr Eedle spoke to all principals at a conference in Katherine. We were school leaders of schools that now came under the mantle of NT control he told us. We needed to set a course for the future.

His advice to us was to ALWAYS remember that “schools are for children”. To that end system structure and school organisation should always support that prime function.

I was a young principal and a still developing educator at the time. But those words and that advice remained front and centre of my thinking and actions until my retirement.

Dr Eedle has passed to his rest, but his words had an everlasting impact and helped me prioritise and retain focus on my educational perspectives.

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