What are your favorite brands and why?


There have been so many brands on so many products for so many gears in the life of this old man. It is hard to separate them from each other.

I’m going to bring it down to 3 brands that count.

The third for me is “ Darwin Lock and Key” They provide excellent service at a reasonable cost to people who need keys cut and they run an excellent emergency program. As well as that I have made up a little song and I often find myself singing it when I’m doing the washing and it’s about the Darwin Lock And Key Man in the work that he does.

The second goes back a long way in history to the Swan Taxi Company in Perth WA. I guess that was the rhyme that got to me and 40 or 50 or 60 years later I still remember it and from time to time burst into the jingle.

“ 3218822,



Beings Swan Taxis on the double to you.”

The best brand for me has been one that cost the Government of the NT plenty of money. The government wanted to up the reputation and awareness of the Territory. After some time and at considered consultancy costs, the slogan, – dressed in purple – to promote us was unveiled.

“ The Northern Territory …


It kinda stays with you

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