What’s a job you would like to do for just one day?


I am taking into account where I live, the huge and unrelenting spike in crime in the Northern Territory, and the fact that most crime or much of it anyway is caused by young people from 16 years and downward who steal vehicles, ram raid, use knives, and act in an aberrant and delinquent way.

Taking into account the fact that governments and authorities are happy to excuse this behaviour – or appear to be happy because consequences are trivialised and the outcomes of crimes magnified to victims, influence what I would like to do for one day.

For one day I would like to be the Director of Family Priorities. During this day I would require that all parents of all children under the age of 17 accept responsibility for what their offspring are up to, including responsibility for fixing damage and destruction that that behaviour is wreaking on the community.

Part of my role would be to require parents to take responsibility for the upset being caused in the community by their children and to the point where accountability sees them being punished for the neglect of their children. An element would be the banning for a lifetime of the rights of people who have these neglected children, to purchase or consume alcohol because that changes their priorities away from the children and toward the social upheaval that their offspring are causing.

Far too many parents are happy to prioritise alcohol over expenditure on food and accessories of life for their children. So the third change would be the loading of their support benefits onto a basics card. It could only be used to purchase the necessities of life.

What a job for the day.


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