What do you do to be involved in the community?


I confess that in physical terms, and visible presence, my involvement with the community is a lot less than it used to be. There are reasons for that. One is that I am retired and getting closer and closer to the end of my septa Janarion years. The other is that with the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, my feeling of apprehension about going out and mixing with people grew exponentially.

So invisible terms I’m a lot less around the place and that used to be the case. I don’t go out very often only to shop and carry out essentials and always wear a mask keep physical distance and use hand lotion and white trolleys. Now people made me think all about that but so far touch wood I’ve avoided Covid.

I’ve also had all my injections but of course, they don’t prevent you from catching Covid.

So I’ve left the community physically and that remains my station in life to this day.

If there is one community activity with which I am engaged and that is the “Snap, Save and Send” program where one reports to local authorities things that are broken and wrong and need fixing. To that and I am very active and have become quite strong it’s a supporter of this program which includes sharing awareness of its existence with others.

That means my reporting leads to the fixing of potholes, the removal of excess vegetation from Roadside areas, the removal of graffiti from places upon which it has been plastered, the retrieval of shopping trolleys by the supermarkets when their misuse is reported and so on.

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