What was the last live performance you saw?



this is a very open question that I am choosing to interpret differently.

The first is what you might call “theatre on stage in a defined Entertainment Centre“. It is a long time since I went to the theatre, and I have to think carefully back to 2011 when I witnessed as a proud school principal, one of my students receiving Australia Day Student Citizenship for being an exemplary and stand-out young person. I used to go to this function every year. Every year I was proud of our school’s nominee.

I have not been since 2011 because I retired with affected the end of that year.

My second response to the question is to confirm that rarely a day goes past for me in Darwin, when I am not aware of performances happening around our shopping centres, sometimes in our streets, featured on radio and television; and in fact being a part of daily life in each and every part of the Northern Territory, most particularly within our towns and cities.

Those performances include brawling, screeching and screaming, police and security people trying to control situations, The use of foul language,, pushing and pulling, the abusing of innocent bystanders by those who are aggrieved, and so on. These are the performances that I regularly see and unfortunately will continue to see into the future. Sadly, there have been deaths with innocent people being stabbed. Knives are now part of this visible manifestation.

The performances seen “live“ on television need to be included. They include police chases of stolen vehicles, ambulances tearing to accidents and then racing to the hospital with the injured people, some hurt in car accidents and others from fighting. Add smashed premises, usually in multiples each day, and pictures of litter and debris featuring on our screens. So many performances that I sometimes think that the only thing about which the Northern Territory can “show“, is the sadness and the aftermath of crime. As I said, these performances are a daily occurrence.

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