What is your career plan?



At this stage of my life, I’m not looking to advance my career because I’ve been there and done that and these are my wine down years. But reflecting upon the years that have gone I can remember being very ambitious, studying hard in circumstances that in the 1970s were not set up to support students who were studying remotely and all of that because I wanted to get on. I have a little folder an A5 size insert in which I keep reduced copies of academic studies certificates and various other pieces of memorabilia that were part and parcel of my career. I often look back on them and generally with fond memories.

I tried very hard not only to be a person who advanced my career, but did it for the good of my organisation and the people with whom I worked – making sure along the way that I did not neglect family or discount those who deserved to be respected.

With my career behind me, I do a lot of writing and publishing on my blog and LinkedIn. I try to share what I do with people who might find use in what I write.

My aim these days is to give back to organisations, mainly to education, because when I was young there were so many people who helped me along the way.

Now, it’s my turn! And that I guess is what my career these days is primarily about.

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