Sincere thanks to all teachers, school leaders and support staff for the tasks you undertake in furthering the education and development of the Territory’s students. Please know how much you are appreciated not only on World Teachers Day (October 29) but on each and every day of the school year. Thank you for your role in preparing those who will become tomorrow’s adults in our world.

While there was public acknowledgement of Catholic and Independent schools and teachers on world teachers day (NT News 29/10 pp 28,29) it is disappointing that government school teachers were not publicly acknowledged and appreciated. In past years the Education Department and government have recognised government schools and their teachers. Is this another tradition that has been set aside?


Education Minister Lauren Moss justifies the huge increase in education’s administrative staff by saying they ” … were helping deal with workloads so teachers could focus on students.” (‘School admin bloat’ NT News 2/11). If only that were the case; teachers guy are being swamped by accountability and justification requirements, so much so that meaningful teaching opportunities are being pushed into the background.

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