Have you ever broken a bone?


Spinal curvature

Fortunately, to this stage of my life, I have managed to avoid any bone breaks. I have had a litany of medical issues over the years, but have managed to avoid broken bones.

I had what might well have been a near miss when I was about 10. My Dad was a wheat farmer and has just transitioned from bagged wheat to bulk harvesting.

He was moving out on the whole Dodge truck with a full week been on the back, the truck towing the auger that was used for ordering the wheat from the header into the bulk bin. I was in the bin which is full of wheat with my back to the cab of the truck, looking out over the auger.

Unbeknownst to me dad drove under a tree that had a hanging branch. It’s cleared the truck, but as the truck moved forward it caught me from behind. It came in contact with the back of my neck, tip me up and I fell out of the bin, more or less headfirst down onto the back of the tray of the truck and from there bounced into the hopper of the auger.

I was knocked out cold and did not come to for some distance.

But I got out of that was a terribly terribly stiff neck and a very sore back but fortunately nothing was broken. That may have been the cause of headaches I suffered for many years and I do have a curved spine in the upper regions of my back – which may or may not have been caused by the fall.

But broken bones – not to date.