What is the legacy you want to leave behind?


I enjoy life, but I am a realist. As a 77-year-old man I know that I am on the downhill stretch, heading towards the sunset of life. At one stage as a younger person I used to be frightened about passing over, but that is no longer the case.

Life has four phases in terms of the mortal stage.

You get born.

You grow up.

You become old.

You go dead.

I am well aware of the phase of life I now occupy.

The overarching legacy of life that I want to be leaving behind, relate to the first aspect of my mission statement which reads “to fulfil and be fulfilled in organisational mode, family, work, recreation“. If my legacy is an affirmation of positive fulfilment of this position, I will be well satisfied. Those three elements (a tripod if you like) have been my focus and concentration for a very long time. I want to depart this mortal coil leaving behind memories and indeed a legacy so show that this checked it has been fulfilled.

I want people to remember Henry Gray as a person who was a man of integrity.

Finally, I want to be remembered as a person who “ worked with a smile in his heart“. I want to be remembered as somebody who enjoyed what he did and with that enjoyment lifted others up, helping them along pathways of life.

Leaving behind a lot of money and assets doesn’t worry me particularly, but I will die satisfied knowing that there is a reasonable asset base that can be drawn upon by our children and their children.

In short, when I go, I want to be remembered as a person who left the world or the areas of his involvement enhanced and enriched by his presence.