May all young people olf the world be blessed and given the wisdom to discern the right pathways in life’s world. May those of us who are senior do the right thing by the example we set to following generations. This is one of the very important elements of awareness and need that should be part of the motivation and the psyche of all teachers. I include teachers in our schools and staff in our universities.

Teaching is an important part of the role we fill. Of equal importance has to be the example we set. What we do and the way we live validates or discredits the teaching messages we espouse.

My hope and wish is that all educators be remembered with appreciation and respect.


It is important that presenters deliver in a way that evokes appreciation from the audience. Good work can be enhanced or undone by presentation

Many educators are required to present in public. That may be in every environment from staff meetings to convention centres. delivery may be to a few people or to hundreds attending conferences. Delivery at workshops comes into the equation. Included are interviews that may be on radio, television or on you tube and similar.

The way in which presenters deliver their messages often reveals alarming shortfalls in methodology. The way in which presenters speak often reveals shortfalls in their capacities. Gesture, body language, word choice, speech hesitations, and awareness of time are a few areas requiring education. There are many others.

It is said that beyond a presentation, 7% of audience recipients remember the speech content and often for short periods of time. On the other hand 42% of audience groups remember the manner and method of delivery and for substantial periods. It is the way in which presenters present, rather that what they say which makes key impact.

I believe that educators, from teachers through to principals and departmental CEO’S should consider speech and message delivery training. This might be through formal coursework, or through joining an organisation that promotes speaking and listening skills. Toastmasters and Rostrum comes to mind but there are other organisations including Zonta.

It is easy to discount the importance of speech delivery. This is an area that needs our attention.


Teachers and educators are professionals together. Together we aim to do our responsible best toward educating and leading the next generation toward the future. There are at times glitches in our approach and methodology and some things we can do differently and better. Perhaps the major thing we need to do, is recognise that people are animate souls and deep thinkers.

That being the case, what we do makes an impression. What we do is often more important than what we say. Example counts.

School Principals are leaders. Teachers, to their students are also leaders. Authority is vested in leadership. Those charged with leading have ascribed or positional authority. Some use and rely on that positional power almost exclusively when cementing their positions.

There is a deeper and more subtle authority that grows from genuine respect held for those who lead. That is acquired authority. This respect based recognition is the superior authority because it is earned, not gifted by the position occupied.

Those who lead in a way that generates such respect are, in my opinion the better, more effective, more greatly appreciated and longer respected leaders. It is an option that, in my opinion, generates happiness and satisfaction for both leaders and those they lead.